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iBurst™ allows communication at a blazing speed of up to 1024 kbps totally wirelessly. Experience the enjoyment, efficiency and convenience of a high-speed connection wherever and whenever you want at a price similar to fixed-line services!

And best of all there are no extra costs - neither a telephone line or an extra ISP are required!

Within the coverage area it will work in the office, at home, on the train, on the beach and everywhere in between.

Whether you need to access your corporate network, keep in touch with family and friends or browse the net whilst on the move - now you can, without a wire tying you down to one spot.


The iBurst™ service provides the user with continuous, high-speed connectivity to
their corporate services or the Internet. Within the area of the base station net-
work users can maintain this connection in an always-on mode. They no longer
need to hold off activities until they get to a location which provides
connectivity (either wired or wireless).

As the breadth of services available on the Internet expands to encompass all
aspects of life, many of these services only achieve their full potential when they
are available as soon as the need arises. Because users can access online
information at any time they no longer need to plan ahead and guess what
information they may need so that they can download it to local storage for
later mobile use. Similarly, data generated while mobile (such as digital photos)
can be transferred immediately to the online environment for storage or for
others to access as soon as it is generated.
The end result is a user experience which is unique in the current day but
must inevitably become ubiquitous for the communications age to go to the
next stage. Once a user experiences the freedom that the iBurst service provides
it is very hard for them to go back to an existence where the online world is
not always available at their fingertips.

*iBurst is brought to you by Interprise who I'm a reseller of.

If you are interested in any of our services, please go to our Request Info page, or contact us directly using our Contact Us page.

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